Our Water

We have plenty to see- and more being added regularly!


Maximum depth 14.5m at the pump house.

Visibility is best through the winter (up to 8m), and with average temperatures of 4-8 degrees- dry suits are a must!

In summer , we get blooms of wildlife,  and while visibility can be variable, the water can be up to 18 degrees, allowing for a semi-dry suit. 

important information for visitors



  • Access is from Highbridge Road: parking is free.
  • Heated changing rooms for men, women, disabled facilities; all have toilet and  hot showers. 
  • Our entire site, aside from the classroom, is wheelchair accessible. 
  • The heated classroom is up a flight of metal stairs, 18 steps which have handrails.
  • Air compressor for fills up to 230 bar. 
  • Boat cover is always present during dives,  plus a dive marshal who is there for your safety.
  • Defibrillator and first aid kit on site. 
  • Ledges for setting up equipment in front of the water.
  • The reservoir is suitable for training, with a 6 meter platform for open water skills.
  • Kitchen offers hot drinks in the clubhouse,  sometimes with hot food.
  • The bar is open  during social events and on Sunday mornings, with a range of soft and alcoholic drinks, plus snacks. 

Popular Dive and Snorkel routes

1) A circuit around the entire rim of the reservoir will take around 1 hour, at around 5 meters if diving, this is an excellent way to see a wide variety of wildlife.

2) From the shore to the aeroplane nosecone with gnome garden, onto the metro car at 6m following a rope from the left side southeast, and continuing the rope course to the 6m platform, often teeming with life, follow a rope from the back left corner to the trapeze, or front left onto the van, and onwards following the rope about 20m to the pump house at 14m, which can be swum through. If you continue to follow the southwest corner, it will lead to several boats which are also full of fish. from here follow the edge left, past the canoe and yellow brick road back to the exit.


For non-members a morning is either £10 including a single cylinder fill, or £25 fora single cylinder fill and all equipment (dry suit size variability means if you have your own its' recommended you bring it). 

Feel free to contact us for further information